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Fun fizzy fragrant Bath Bombs and Fizzers.

Just pop one or two into a warm bath and relax, softening the water and fragrances tingling your senses. All standard bath bombs are approx 100g minimum unless otherwise stated. None of my bath bombs or fizzers have added foaming agents like sls, just clean fizzy fun!

The Luxury Bath Bombs are made using Shea butter which is known for its skin softening effect and its cosmetic properties as an emollient. Shea butter is also a known anti-inflammatory agent, and Sweet almond oil which is also an excellent skin-softening oil used for centuries. It is a mild, lightweight oil, rich in unsaturated fats and essential fatty acids which is easily absorbed into the skin. Used to make many natural skin care products, it is very high in omega-3.

With the luxury bath bombs it is advisable to wash your hair prior to your bath to prevent you covering your hair in butter.All the Bath Bombs come wrapped in cello with curling ribbon and a tag, Fizzers are shrink wrapped and labelled.